Antonie Griezmann Shows Off All-New Blackout Puma Future Netfit 18 Boots

Atlético Madrid striker Antonie Griezmann has been spotted wearing Puma's all-new Future Netfit 18 football boots in training this week. It was not the first time that the Frenchman was wearing a blackout prototype of the Puma Future Netfit soccer cleats as he already laced up in them in mid-February 2017, even though it was not known back then what he was wearing.

Antonie Griezmann Trains in Blackout Puma Future 18 Netfit Prototype Boots

Close-up pictures of Antonie Griezmann's blackout Puma boots.

The soccer cleats worn by Antonie Griezmann in training are the same as the blackout prototype boots of the Puma Future 18 Netfit soccer shoes that were leaked some months ago. The Puma Netfit 18 Future football boot is designed for perfect fit featuring Puma's all-new Netfit lacing system and a knitted upper.

The knitted upper of the new Puma Future Netfit boots has a hexagonal grid of the Puma Netfit lacing system that creates the remarkable look of the cleats.

Puma is set to release the all-new Puma Netfit 18 soccer shoes in January 2018. The German brand will also launch an Antonie Griezmann Puma Future Netfit signature boot early next year.

Puma Future 18 Netfit Griezmann Signature Boots

Meanwhile, Griezmann's team mate Diego Godín laced up in the next-generation Puma ONE football boots.

What do you think of the all-new Puma Future 18 Netfit football boots? Let us know in the comments below and check out all leaked colorways and editions of the Puma Future 18 football boots in the Boot Calendar.
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