2017 Wpsoccer Boot Awards - Adidas is The Brand of the Year

Update: Adidas has won the vote for the Most Innovative Football Boot Brands against Nike, just as last year. However, the gap between both brands is much lower than last year.

2017 Wpsoccer Boot Awards - Brand of the Year - Results

With our annual Boot Awards well underway, it's now time for what many of you will see as the most prestigious category of them all - Brand of the Year that is.

Adidas won the category, which last year was all about innovation, fittingly named the 'Most Innovative Brand of the Year Award', ahead of Nike. All other brands combined managed to win less than 3% of votes.

This year, we've chosen to keep things more general, which means your task is to rate a brand's entire football boot game, from general to limited releases. Simply name us your Brand of the Year 2017.


Voting will be open until midnight tomorrow, December 21.

Feel free to explain your vote in the comments below and stay tuned for the announcement of the winners in all categories.
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