Mizuno 'Passion Red' 2018 World Cup Boots Pack Released

Japanese football brand Mizuno this week revealed their boot collection for the 2018 World Cup. Dubbed the 'Passion Red' pack, the boots of the new Mizuno 2018 World Cup soccer cleats collection are set to be worn by the likes of Keisuke Honda and Shinji Okazaki.

Mizuno 'Passion Red' 2018 World Cup Soccer Cleats Pack

This is the Mizuno 2018 World Cup collection.

The Mizuno 'Passion Red' 2018 World Cup football boots pack includes three different boot silos - the classic Mizuno Morelia II, the modern-classic Mizuno Morelia Neo II as well as the next-generation Mizuno Morelia Rebula 2, Mizuno's main boot silo made for ultimate control and worn by their best Japanese players.

Mizuno Morelia II

The Mizuno Morelia II is Mizuno's most classic boot, made for ultimate comfort and control.

Mizuno Morelia Neo II

Mizuno's speed silo features a lightweight Kangaroo leather upper.

Mizuno Rebula2

The Mizuno Rebula 2 features a Kangaroo leather upper without traditional stitching but an inner CT Frame for perfect fit and control.

The new Mizuno 'Passion Red' 2018 World Cup boot pack will hit stores on June 8 2018.

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