Adidas Glitch Dybala, Mendy, Kimpembe 2018 World Cup Signature Boot Skins Revealed

Adidas has created individually customised Glitch skins for Benjamin Mendy, Presnel Kimpembe, and Paulo Dybala. Each of the skins is designed to reflect the characteristics and personalities of the three players and will only be worn by the individuals.

Adidas Glitch 2018 World Cup Signature Boot Skins

Adidas Glitch Paulo Dybala 'The Jewel’ Signature Skin

Argentinian midfielder Paulo Dybala has received a design that Adidas is calling ‘The Jewel’. The Dybala boots feature a colorful jewelled pattern to reflect his creative and stylish game.

Adidas Glitch Benjamin Mendy 'The Shark’ Signature Skin

The Adidas Glitch signature boot skin of Manchester City's Benjamin Mendy, which is dubbed 'The Shark’, features a dramatic graphic design of a shark’s open mouth on the skin.

Adidas Glitch Presnel Kimpembe 'The Lion' Signature Skin

Kimpembe's new skin is dubbed ‘The Lion’. The skin features a roaring lion graphic to represent his aggressiveness and leadership at the back.

The skins for Mendy and Kimpembe feature heat reactive technology, changing colour as they heat up.

These Adidas Glitch signature football boot skins will not be for sale.

What do you think of the first-ever Adidas Glitch signature soccer cleat skins? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.