Toni Kroos Does Not Wear Shin Guards?!

A question that has popped up frequently recently, Germany and Real Madrid midfield master Toni Kroos appears to not wear any shin pads at all. This seems to be supported by images from the World Cup.

As you can see on the above image, it does look as if Kroos does not wear any shin guards - but is this even allowed? Actually, no. Under FIFA equipment rules, footballers are required, amongst other things, to wear shin guards.

However, FIFA does not really go into detail regarding what is considered a shin guard and if you look closely right under the knee, there's something under Kroos' socks there.

Instead of regular shin pads, which are sold by the likes of Adidas and Nike and which most players are wearing, Kroos is wearing fake ones that only serve the purpose of complying with FIFA rules. If he didn't wear any the referee would probably point it out to him before a game.

We even have a better look at the thing, courtesy of two locker room pictures - it does look like a custom creation and not appears to be made of a rigid material at all.

Should shin guards be made optional? Should Kroos wear proper ones? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below.