Next Next Gen Puma One 20 2019 Boots Leaked

The first pictures of the Puma ONE 20 boots have leaked, an upcoming next generation of the model that is slated for release in mid 2019. They will replace the next-gen Puma ONE 19, which will be see its first drop in December 2018.

Puma ONE 19.1

Puma ONE 20

This image shows one of the first Puma ONE 20 soccer cleat colorways (takedown).

The Puma ONE 20 boots are split between synthetic on the outside and leather on the inside. This pretty big change for Puma's standards is complemented by a collar that looks very similar to what's used at the moment. The sole plate is identical to the current gen as well as the 19.1.

Design-wise, Puma has gone with a neat yellow, black and white colorway that highlights the boot's features in an interesting way.

The first-ever Puma ONE 20 soccer cleats are set to be launched in June 2019.

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