Light Blue / White / Pink / Black Next-Gen Adidas X 19 Leaked

Update: Two new pictures of the Light Blue / White / / Pink / Core Black Adidas X 19.1 August 2019 colorway have been leaked (Thanks to pejie). They give us the best look at the boots yet.

Update: Yet another new picture of the next-generation Adidas X 19.1 colorway has been leaked (thanks to Sporthome). The colorway is set to be released in August 2019.

Update: A new picture of the blue next-gen Adidas X 19 football boots has been leaked. It shows a lower-tier version.

Following up on our colorway info a few days ago, we can now give you a full, accurate look at the next-gen Adidas X 19+ in the colorway that will drop in August 2019.

As mentioned before, Adidas has barely made any changes to the X 19 compared to its predecessor, although that's not a bad thing per se.

Adidas X 19.1 - Light Blue / White / Core Black

This is the next-gen Adidas X 19.1 in the light blue, white and black August colorway.

Featuring a color-blocking look, the August Adidas X 19+ soccer boots are predominantly light blue with a white collar. The 3 Stripes, which once again appear in a very noticeable application on the outside front, are black, whilst the sole plate fades from white in the back towards light blue at the front.

There have been quite a few blue Adidas X boots over the last few years, but nothing quite like this one.

As for features, we've finally been able to fully confirm what we already suspected. The next-gen Adidas X 19+ and 19.1 boots will be practically the same as their X 18 predecessors, similar to how it went with the Predator from 18 to 19.

The boots still feature the same Speedmesh upper and Claw collar as the X 18. The sole plate stays the same as well.

The only real change might be the addition of a new lacing system on the X 19.1. The description says that there will be a "unique lace construction" for an "adaptable fit and forefoot focus", something that doesn't at all match the lacing found on the X 18. You can read the official X 19.1 features below.

Adidas X 19.1 Features

  • Speedmesh engineered upper
  • Seamless claw collar with molded heel for explosive movements
  • Unique lace construction for an adaptable fit and forefoot focus
  • Speedframe drillium outsole for on field traction and rapid acceleration

While the debut Adidas X 19+ boots will be released in June, the light blue colorway will follow in August, together with a similarly styled Predator 18.

Light Blue Adidas Predator 19+ 2019-2020 Boots

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