Nike to Release New White Pack This Summer - Incl. Next-Gen Mercurial & Tiempo

In addition to what we already know about the 'Under the Radar' collection and the colorful 'New Season' pack, Nike is set to release a third major football boot collection this summer.

Pending the official name, we've dubbed the collection, which includes four predominantly white football boots, the 'White Pack'.

Nike 2019-2020 White Pack

Included in the Nike 2019 White Pack will be the debut colorway of the next-gen Tiempo, which will be white with chrome and 'pure platinum'.

There will also be the two next-gen Nike Mercurial cleats, Superfly 7 and Vapor 13, as well as Phantom Venom and Phantom Vision. Unfortunately, not colorway details about either of these are confirmed as of now, but we expect them to be identical or largely similar to the leaked Tiempo paint job.

Nike has consistently released collections that included mainly white boots, with the most recent and prominent example of course being the 2018 World Cup collection - 'Just do It'.

There was another one fitting the bill that dropped in late 2014 and one more the year before.

Are you happy to see Nike bring out another predominantly white football boot pack? Comment below, and check out the Boot Calendar for more.
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